The ministries offered at Saint Demetrios provide a wide selection of activities for young and old. Our educational ministries are our foundation and span from youth education in the Sunday School through Adult Bible Study. Our youth programs provide fun, dynamic outlets for children through young adults beginning with Little Angels and reaching up to our Young Adult League. Our volunteer and fellowship programs offer wonderful venues for adults to give back while building comradery either through ongoing memberships as with Philoptochos or Symposium or for annual events such as our festival or golf tournament. Our Byzantine music program is dedicated to sharing the richness of chanting and plays an integral part in our liturgical services.

Join our community through any of these wonderful ministries. Feel free to reach out to the contacts on each page directly or contact the Cathedral office should you have any questions.

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Parish Ministries & Associated Organizations & Their Leaders

Administrative Committees: Parish Council Ken Murch
Communications Bill Anastopoulos
Events and Fundraising Maria Theodorou &
Kelly Aspiotis
Insurance Mathew Moutafis
Outreach Donna Stevens
Planning, Design & Strategy Dr. Angela Zerdavis
Tucson Greek Festival Nancy Jimmerson
Bookstore St Nikolai Bookstore David & Carolyn Skurich
College: Hellenic American Student Org Vacant until Elections
Monthly Dinner and Fellowship Dr. Maria Theodorou
Monthly Luncheon after Church Vacant
Orthodox Christian Fellowship Dr. Andy Theodorou
(Faculty Advisor)
Community Support: Caregivers Support Ministry Vacant
Community Health Guides Ministry Dr. Andy Theodorou
Connections (Visitations) Ernie Dailey
Grief & Bereavement Support Alexis Sarris Cook
Jobs for Orthodox Vacant
Military Support Ministry Vacant
St. Patrick’s Soup Kitchen Ernie Dailey
Stroke Survivors & Care Givers Ministry Bill & Donna Stevens
Meals for Those in Special Need Zoi Colton
Prison Ministry Vacant
Cultural Museum Cultural Museum George Stathis
Estate Planning: St. Demetrios Legacy Society Vacant
Evangelism & Outreach God’ Chat Room (Prayer Teams) Vacant
Spanish Mission Ministry Katherine Sylvia Walters
Events: Annual Golf Classic (not yet scheduled) Vacant
Apokreas Dinner Dance (02-14-15) Rita Platis
Christmas Bazaar (12-06-14) Vacant
Easter Picnic (04-12-15) Vacant
Family Christmas Party (12-27-14) Vacant
Fashion Show (not yet scheduled) Vacant
Palm Sunday Luncheon (04-05-15) Vacant
Panathenian Dance Preview Glendi (01-15) Anastasia Tsatsakis
Panayia Glendi (08-16-14) Stephanie Aspiotis
St. Demetrios Name Day (10-25-14) Presv. Carol Cantos &
Theodora Murch
Green Patriarch: Recycling Ministry Jim & Valerie Zaferis
  St. Photini’s Sacred Seeds Phil Isaac Wade
Ladies Philoptochos Society: Ladies Philoptochos Society Rita Platis
Languages: Tigrinya Vacant
Modern Greek Andri  Burhans
Religious Education: Education our Children (Sunday School) Rip Economou
Family & Friends Booster Org (Sunday School) Vacant
Apologetics/ Orthodox 201 (Theological Studies) Mateo Mateo & Eugene Lauria
Book Club Angela Zerdavis
Bible Study (Days w/ Fr. John Bernardi) Letty Lopez
Bible Study (Evenings w/ Fr. Earl Cantos) Andrea Pahina
Inquirer’s Class Father Earl
International & Cultural Cooking Vacant
Seniors: Ark Angels Lois Kotzambasis
Serving the Altar: Acolytes & Readers (Service to the Altar) Eugene Lauria
Mirofores Elizabeth Brollini
Choir Theordora La Mantia
Psaltis Stand Dean Theodosion &
Violetta Kotsethomas
Philoxenos Ministry: Honoring The Faithful Connie Walker
Prosforo Ministry Olga Temyanko
Young Professionals: On Tap Ministry (Networking) Vacant
Youth: Family Life Ministry (Monthly Evening Fun) Vacant 
Goya and Jr. Goya Bill Anastopoulos &
Tina Eliopoulos
HOPE & JOY Vacant
Mentoring Ministry Vacant
Moms & Tots Ministry Natalie Kastis & Maggie McGrath
Nursery Guardians Vacant
Panathenian Greek Dance Program Anastasia Tsatsakis
Panathenian Parent’s Organization Vacant
Parent’s Night Out Ministry Vacant
SAT Ministry Rip Economou
St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival Rip Economou
Summer Family Picnic & Movie Night Bill Anastopoulos &
Tina Eliopoulos
Young Girls Ministry Vacant
Associated Organizations: AHEPA Family: AHEPA Vic Ruboyianes 
AHEPA Family: Daughters of Penelope Vasiliki Kyriakakis
AHEPA Family: Maids of Athena Vasiliki Kyriakakis
AHEPA Family: Sons of Pericles Vic Ruboyianes
Hellenic Cultural Foundation Mary Voyantsis
St. John’s Home for Children Elizabeth Brollini

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